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concrete signage for BRE



Some images of a Tactility Factory panel installed and hanging in its new home in the innovation gallery in BRE Watford (building research establishment).

Gold crystal bead was used for the lettering.

Thanks to BRE Ventures for their support and feedback!

(click on lower image to see full scale of panel: 2 x 0.6m)

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Tactiilty Factory on Women’s Hour

Tactility Factory (Trish and Ruth) featured this morning on Women’s Hour.

It was a commissioned feature  (9min long) by Helen Mark about how we bring together the legacies of linen and concrete into TF’s concrete surfaces.

Helen did a great job in editing it so we are really happy with the outcome – and hope you are too

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opps just realised the image on this blog post is of pale grey velvet and concrete – and we just added some images of linen and concrete as the secondary images – so if you click on the velvet one it will take you to a show-reel of other images

2013-07-26-19.57.04 4.linen-and-stitched-concrete 2.-linen-concrete-Petal 1.-linen-concrete-bubble

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Signs of spring?


If the weather lets us down and the sky is still grey overhead – there’s always TF’s velvet concrete in tulip yellow to cheer us up

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TF in Lafarge Video and upcoming Concrete Quarterly

TF features in Lafarge Video Ecobuild Stand 2013

see 0:19-0:21 – it’s fleeting so keep your eyes peeled

and we also get a mention in upcoming Concrete Quarterly.



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‘cake and eat it’ concrete surfaces

…as we manufacture and deliver beautiful surfaces for our clients we are also trying to grow the business. At times it seems that figures and spreadsheets are the materials we most work with… we’re sure this current phase of development will eventually pass but… let’s remind ourselves of why we are here…

…to use the clever technology that TF has developed to make the world a MUCH more beautiful place…

..  but conversely our surfaces aren’t just beautiful they are also clever and multifunctional — if you want to know how then email us at info@ with subject line: ‘cake and eat it’

Mark West, (world- leading expert in fabric formed concrete, Manitoba, University) said of TF’s work  – ‘’ve managed to make even the blow-holes look beautiful’

(‘blow-holes’ are the little air bubbles that appear on the surface of concrete that the concrete industry tries hard to avoid)

2013-04-11-16.18.14 2013-04-11-16.18.39

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Times behind and ahead


This last week has been interesting – many good conversations and lots of interest at Ecobuild and from the folk at Chelsea School of Art and Design- Plus recent fire ratings have come back very positive.

We were also delighted that MYB announced our collaboration via their beautiful ezine

and of course on a week that ended with International Women’s day TF adds our support and a ‘shout-out’ to the newly formed LadyStone Facebook Community

In the next few months, follow the blog for news of upcoming projects.

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Lace Space

Thanks @aoifeludlow for pointing us towards the work of the polish artist Nespoon – who is all about BIG LACE elements in the Built environment.

It’s the scale of her work that speaks of course – apart from the lace which we naturally identify with. But big is always impressive – why can’t textiles be more like buildings and occupy larger amounts of space?  wouldn’t that be much better?

For more information see:

underpass gableend floor


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Tactility Factory at Ecobuild with Lafarge Tarmac

Such was the response to the Tactility Factory velvet concrete tower at EcoBuild 2012, Lafarge Tarmac have invited us to Ecobuild 2013 to demonstrate our ‘innovative and creative use of concrete’ in the Tactility Factory concrete surfaces.

So we will be there from TOMORROW – 5th March – 7th March

The Lafarge stand is called Cool Concrete – there are a number of presentations ongoing throughout the event so it’s worth visiting a number of times – we will blog/ tweet as we go through the event – but best to come join us!




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Tactility Factory featured in Art and Architecture Journal Press Blog


See AAJ Blog for a recent feature on Tactility Factory.

If you like it then ‘like it’  – thanks to Jeremy for covering the work.

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Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Surfaces: Tactility Factory’s Speciality

Concrete is a ubiquitous, low-tech material yet with some negative characteristics. It is often perceived as a harsh, unsustainable, ‘inhuman’ material with many technical and structural advantages but little emotional value.

Tactility Factory seeks to confront these issues – because concrete is a globally understood material with multiple applications.

TF seeks to apply textile techniques, technologies and most importantly ‘textile thinking’ to address these social and sustainable concerns and hence expand the potential of concrete by turning this cold, grey, acoustically harsh and unappealing substance to something that is warm, colourful, acoustically soft and appealing.

Concrete Surfaces: Textiles co-form concrete surfaces

It has taken Tactility Factory several years of research and development to identify and refine the correct constituent materials and technologies that can be used to combine textile and concrete manufacturing processes. The key technology of the resultant surfaces exists in the upper few millimetres, where the right concrete mix (varying to suit the textile construction and the pattern) and the textiles (specifically designed, developed and tested by Tactility Factory) come together to ‘co-form’ the concrete surfaces or form, what we call,  ‘Concrete Skins’ – see range of Tactility Factory’s Concrete Surfaces

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