Times behind and ahead


This last week has been interesting – many good conversations and lots of interest at Ecobuild and from the folk at Chelsea School of Art and Design- Plus recent fire ratings have come back very positive.

We were also delighted that MYB announced our collaboration via their beautiful ezine

and of course on a week that ended with International Women’s day TF adds our support and a ‘shout-out’ to the newly formed LadyStone Facebook Community

In the next few months, follow the blog for news of upcoming projects.

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Belated thanks

It’s over a week now since we visited MYB in Newmilns, Scotland – but the experience is still in our heads

It was an icy winter’s day so progress on the roads was slow. As we drove along a windy road that followed the course of the river there was a real sense of the industrial history and culture around us –  this was further apparent as we went into the factory itself.

We were warmly welcomed and the tour round the factory left us quite in silence – unusual for us as a group of people since we tend to naturally blether (scottish for ‘chat a lot’)

It’s a great mixture of traditional methods, care, digital technologies and progressive business operations – ambitions that we very much share.

We are very much looking forward to working with MYB in 2013





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Big Elements, Big Textiles

Alongside other things… we are currently moving forward on one of our R&D projects in Tactility Lab

We’ve been working with Craftstone over the last few weeks. They are a local precast manufacturer who make high quality, well finished products using a wide selection of natural sands and aggregates.

We’ve been testing out our technology with them to see how it scales up and fits within their processes and to see whether such large scale elements tie in with TF’s emerging thoughts on thermal mass.

These are photos of the large panels just out of the mold – so there are still a bit ‘green’ – ie they need a few more days to cure and dry out fully.

This work is funded by Creative Industries Innovation Fund and TF

10_26Image4 10_26Image310_26ImageV210_26Image2


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Panels and Scaffolding

The design used as inspiration for the velvet concrete wall was originally designed by English architect and designer, Augustus Pugin (1812-1852). TF is grateful to Watts of Westminster for allowing us to use and develop the design further to apply to our concrete/ textile technology.

The Design (or Document as it’s called) would originally have been a woven cut velvet, and possibly altered to be produced as a stamped velvet. The original stamped roller is still on display at Watts of Westminster London showroom.

Click on images to view lightbox.



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concrete dress



As part of the EPSRC funded Project Extreme Collaboration, (PI Prof Tony Ryan from University of Sheffield) Tactility Factory worked with Helen Storey, Professor of Fashion and Science, Co Director Centre for Fashion/Science at London College of fashion to create a flexible TiO2 Dress- called ‘Herself’ , modeled by Erin O’Connor, to demonstrate the concept that clothes can purify the urban air. To date the Dress has been on public display in the public realm of Sheffield. Further updates to come possible March 2011 before full publicity released – watch this space

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