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TF will be featured in a 20 x 20second long pechakucha- style presentation by Ruth Morrow at this year’s Surface Design Show, London

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Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Surfaces: Tactility Factory’s Speciality

Concrete is a ubiquitous, low-tech material yet with some negative characteristics. It is often perceived as a harsh, unsustainable, ‘inhuman’ material with many technical and structural advantages but little emotional value.

Tactility Factory seeks to confront these issues – because concrete is a globally understood material with multiple applications.

TF seeks to apply textile techniques, technologies and most importantly ‘textile thinking’ to address these social and sustainable concerns and hence expand the potential of concrete by turning this cold, grey, acoustically harsh and unappealing substance to something that is warm, colourful, acoustically soft and appealing.

Concrete Surfaces: Textiles co-form concrete surfaces

It has taken Tactility Factory several years of research and development to identify and refine the correct constituent materials and technologies that can be used to combine textile and concrete manufacturing processes. The key technology of the resultant surfaces exists in the upper few millimetres, where the right concrete mix (varying to suit the textile construction and the pattern) and the textiles (specifically designed, developed and tested by Tactility Factory) come together to ‘co-form’ the concrete surfaces or form, what we call,  ‘Concrete Skins’ – see range of Tactility Factory’s Concrete Surfaces

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Big Elements, Big Textiles

Alongside other things… we are currently moving forward on one of our R&D projects in Tactility Lab

We’ve been working with Craftstone over the last few weeks. They are a local precast manufacturer who make high quality, well finished products using a wide selection of natural sands and aggregates.

We’ve been testing out our technology with them to see how it scales up and fits within their processes and to see whether such large scale elements tie in with TF’s emerging thoughts on thermal mass.

These are photos of the large panels just out of the mold – so there are still a bit ‘green’ – ie they need a few more days to cure and dry out fully.

This work is funded by Creative Industries Innovation Fund and TF

10_26Image4 10_26Image310_26ImageV210_26Image2


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pat-a-cake samples for New York

We have been spending the last few days making itsey/bitsey samples (100x100mm) for Material Connexion in New York. Initially this was NOT good -we are used to BIG panels and working with concrete at this scale is… well…. not ‘natural’…. BUT with saying that …how they have turned out is nice to handle and in combination they are great fun! We are almost tempted not to share them with all those lucky NewYorkers.

(all samples shown are Velvet Concrete)

10_18Image2 10_18Image1


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