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Tactility Factory surfaces featured in Middle East Design Magazines

TF surfaces are featured in Harper Bazaar (Middle East) July/August 2015 and in Architectural Digest (Middle East) July 2015.

The TF team were in Dubai over June and will be there again next week for a few days, looking forward to the warmth of welcome and climate (after a somewhat rainy summer in Ireland!).


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TF will be featured in a 20 x 20second long pechakucha- style presentation by Ruth Morrow at this year’s Surface Design Show, London

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Big Elements, Big Textiles

Alongside other things… we are currently moving forward on one of our R&D projects in Tactility Lab

We’ve been working with Craftstone over the last few weeks. They are a local precast manufacturer who make high quality, well finished products using a wide selection of natural sands and aggregates.

We’ve been testing out our technology with them to see how it scales up and fits within their processes and to see whether such large scale elements tie in with TF’s emerging thoughts on thermal mass.

These are photos of the large panels just out of the mold – so there are still a bit ‘green’ – ie they need a few more days to cure and dry out fully.

This work is funded by Creative Industries Innovation Fund and TF

10_26Image4 10_26Image310_26ImageV210_26Image2


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the yellow wallpaper

who would have thought that yellow and concrete could go so well together!

A little bit of hazy soft sunshine on those dull grey surfaces might be the thing to bring a sense of summer into the concrete jungle.


(yellow wallpaper in velvet concrete – our minor homage to Gilman and the room in the attic.)

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concrete dress



As part of the EPSRC funded Project Extreme Collaboration, (PI Prof Tony Ryan from University of Sheffield) Tactility Factory worked with Helen Storey, Professor of Fashion and Science, Co Director Centre for Fashion/Science at London College of fashion to create a flexible TiO2 Dress- called ‘Herself’ , modeled by Erin O’Connor, to demonstrate the concept that clothes can purify the urban air. To date the Dress has been on public display in the public realm of Sheffield. Further updates to come possible March 2011 before full publicity released – watch this space

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cement goes green

It has always been a sticking point for us – we like to think / practice ‘green-ness’ in our lives but at the same time we work with concrete …..

We have justified it, as the concrete society does, – that in a period of global warming more mass in our buildings / cities is needed (read ‘concrete’ for ‘mass’) in order to cope with the extreme fluctuations in temperatures. So we see our beautiful surfaces as making the best of this.
But then we heard the recent news (6th August 09) from Novacem who are developing the new generation of green cement systems that ‘will help combat global warming by locking atmospheric CO2 into construction materials.’
which means we can feel less guilty and start to think more rigorously about the other elements of our production.

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