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Tactility Factory surfaces featured in Middle East Design Magazines

TF surfaces are featured in Harper Bazaar (Middle East) July/August 2015 and in Architectural Digest (Middle East) July 2015.

The TF team were in Dubai over June and will be there again next week for a few days, looking forward to the warmth of welcome and climate (after a somewhat rainy summer in Ireland!).


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a bucket of rawness

We have had a couple of weeks of re-finding ourselves and our processes through explaining them to others – with full NDAs of course.

Images from the process are interesting, if a bit mystifying.. but then all good things combine a pinch of alchemy with a bucket of rawness.

But it’s good to revisit and look with some clarity at the processes that got us to this point.. whatever this point is…

We have been assured that a typical start-up (not those high-tech / social media/ apps guys but the old fashioned start-ups that make ‘real’ things) takes 6-8 YEARS to turn a corner …. no one tells you this at the start of course. Like having a child – passion may bring it into being but it’s the late nights and early mornings that take it along the journey. And at some point the child simply takes over whatever remnants of personal and social life you ever had… does that sound negative?

We were interviewed recently as part of a research project looking at start-ups – one question took me aback. ‘From where do you receive emotional support?’ ‘Emotional?’ I asked – ‘Are you really sure that’s the word written on the page? Yes,  I was assured, ‘we now understand that as being a key area of support’. I think the interviewer might have regretted opening those flood gates.. there are just some question’s better not asked…

But in the end whether it’s a child or a start-up, it’s what we are here to do- isn’t it? YEAHHH



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Big Elements, Big Textiles

Alongside other things… we are currently moving forward on one of our R&D projects in Tactility Lab

We’ve been working with Craftstone over the last few weeks. They are a local precast manufacturer who make high quality, well finished products using a wide selection of natural sands and aggregates.

We’ve been testing out our technology with them to see how it scales up and fits within their processes and to see whether such large scale elements tie in with TF’s emerging thoughts on thermal mass.

These are photos of the large panels just out of the mold – so there are still a bit ‘green’ – ie they need a few more days to cure and dry out fully.

This work is funded by Creative Industries Innovation Fund and TF

10_26Image4 10_26Image310_26ImageV210_26Image2


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pat-a-cake samples for New York

We have been spending the last few days making itsey/bitsey samples (100x100mm) for Material Connexion in New York. Initially this was NOT good -we are used to BIG panels and working with concrete at this scale is… well…. not ‘natural’…. BUT with saying that …how they have turned out is nice to handle and in combination they are great fun! We are almost tempted not to share them with all those lucky NewYorkers.

(all samples shown are Velvet Concrete)

10_18Image2 10_18Image1


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