Tactility Factory featured in Times and Russian Blog

If you follow us on twitter (@Tact_Fact)  you will have seen mentioned our work featuring on a Russian Design Blog

‘Цемент vs вельвет

После люстр и королевского фарфора на 100-летней лесопилке нечего удивляться цементным узорам на мягком вельвете. Острота ощущений при прикосновении к таким настенным панелям обеспечена. Разработка Tactility Factory (TF).’

We were also recently mentioned in Times Newspaper: see clipping. Busy few weeks!

TimesBricksMortar 25-09-15

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Architectural Digest Concrete Textiles

Tactility Factory surfaces featured in Middle East Design Magazines

TF surfaces are featured in Harper Bazaar (Middle East) July/August 2015 and in Architectural Digest (Middle East) July 2015.

The TF team were in Dubai over June and will be there again next week for a few days, looking forward to the warmth of welcome and climate (after a somewhat rainy summer in Ireland!).


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TF will be featured in a 20 x 20second long pechakucha- style presentation by Ruth Morrow at this year’s Surface Design Show, London

For more details click here

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Tactiilty Factory on Women’s Hour

Tactility Factory (Trish and Ruth) featured this morning on Women’s Hour.

It was a commissioned feature  (9min long) by Helen Mark about how we bring together the legacies of linen and concrete into TF’s concrete surfaces.

Helen did a great job in editing it so we are really happy with the outcome – and hope you are too

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opps just realised the image on this blog post is of pale grey velvet and concrete – and we just added some images of linen and concrete as the secondary images – so if you click on the velvet one it will take you to a show-reel of other images

2013-07-26-19.57.04 4.linen-and-stitched-concrete 2.-linen-concrete-Petal 1.-linen-concrete-bubble

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Here and Now (update)

TF is one of the 14 NI Companies to be featured in the ‘Hear and Now’ Showcase (See Press Release below for further details) at the The Innovation Centre, NI Science Park, Queens Island, Belfast.

TF were present at today’s launch in the Titanic Pump-House and delighted to meet HRH Prince Andrew and Dame Mary Peter.

Press Release

The Here and Now: Innovation in Northern Ireland
A showcase of how we earn our global living from innovation

‘The Here And Now: Innovation in Northern Ireland’ is an image-based showcase of some of the technological genius that’s happening at this very moment throughout the region.

It proves that when we in Northern Ireland put our minds to it, we can compete with international innovators by accessing a rich tradition of creative curiosity and inventive spirit that lives on to this day.

The Here And Now is a celebration of that genius, as well as a demonstration of how our world class talent is creating wealth and profit on a global scale.

The showcase will be based in the Titanic Pump-House on the Science Park campus, but will have an important digital dimension and travel easily to create widespread awareness of NI’s new industrial vitality. It will raise the profile of key innovations and highlight the progress local companies are making right here and right now in turning research into world-class commercial products and services.

The concept for ‘The Here and Now’ grew from the success of the first Festival of Innovation, run by Northern Ireland Science Park as part of the Annual 25K Awards in September 2012, and to mark the first meeting of the Royal and Irish Academies of Engineering under Presidents Sir John Parker GBE and Anthony Barry.

The Festival concluded with an Exhibition of Innovation by some 25 leading local companies in the medical devices, financial software and advanced manufacturing and engineering sectors. Each showcased their innovative and world-class services and products.

It gave visiting Fellows, academics, government officials and, most importantly of all, students and teachers from NI schools and colleges, an opportunity to see the range of exciting technological developments which are happening in NI.

The Festival of Innovation will become a regular event every September, but the Northern Ireland Science Park Trust recognised the need for an accessible, stand alone and permanent showcase.

“Today is the beginning of our journey, the genesis of an idea,” said Joanne Stuart of NISP Trust. “We want The Here And Now to become part of everybody’s journey, and we are asking for innovative ideas or stories that will make it an engaging and compelling collection of everything that is truly brilliant about the science and technology being developed right here, right now.”
Phase 2 of the project is to develop the digital dimension along with an Education programme for all schools and colleges in NI and to use the showcase to support careers and science education.

Participating Companies

o   Bombardier
o   Andor
o   Seagate
o   HeartSine Technologies
o   Creative Composites
o   Wrightbus
o   Tactility Factory
o   Goprezzo
o   Catagen
o   Citi
o   Kainos
o   Warner Chilcott
o   Pure Marine
o   Schrader Electronics

More at

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The Here and Now

TF is delighted to be invited as one of Northern Ireland’s ‘key companies within the architectural design sector’ to be part of Northern Ireland Science Park’s Museum of the Here and Now

It aims to ‘create awareness and raise the profile of the key Innovations going on in Northern Ireland right here and right now.’  By using ‘a mobile exhibition which can be brought in to various venues, schools etc.    We believe this could be a valuable resource for not only creating awareness but to inspire our school kids showcasing the creativity and innovation that goes on around them.’

It is expected that the Museum of the Here and Now will roll out fully in the months ahead so we look forward to involvement


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A year of publications

TF is featured in Mary Schoeser’s major new work: Textiles: The Art of Mankind which was published last month

(we only received our BEAUTIFUL copies of this AMAZING book this month which explains the timing of the blog)

The book:

“comprises more than 1,000 images that highlight the beauty, subtlety, simplicity or complexity of textiles created around the world. The juxtaposition of historical and contemporary examples highlights the skill and imagination of textile designers throughout history, as well as the remarkable range of achievements.”

It is wonderful to see the work acknowledged across a range of publications in 2012 alone (see earlier blogs- MIX, Materials &Interior Design, FX, Advanced Textiles, Concrete Quarterly). We are really grateful to the authors and journalists who have shown interest and wanted to carry the story of TF further to a wide range of people, from textiles and concrete experts, architects, interior designers, hobbyists and students…

Many thanks for your support and these wonderful publications

12_20V3Image3 12_20V2Image2


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TF featured in MIX

TF is delighted that its linen concrete surfaces are featured in the material’s section (p100) of MIX, Issue 30, FOUR, 2012:  ‘Autumn Winter 2013/2014 Trends’





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TF featured in ‘Materials and Interior Design’ Publication

TF surfaces featured in ‘Materials and Interior Design’ by Rachael Brown and Lorraine Farrelly, Laurence King

Many thanks to Rachel and Lorraine for inclusion!



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TF in FX

TF featured in Dec 2012 edition of FX, pp74-77


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