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pat-a-cake samples for New York

We have been spending the last few days making itsey/bitsey samples (100x100mm) for Material Connexion in New York. Initially this was NOT good -we are used to BIG panels and working with concrete at this scale is… well…. not ‘natural’…. BUT with saying that …how they have turned out is nice to handle and in combination they are great fun! We are almost tempted not to share them with all those lucky NewYorkers.

(all samples shown are Velvet Concrete)

10_18Image2 10_18Image1


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Exhibition and Archive in Workshop



Tactility Factory opened its doors for 1.5days to show an archive of work ‘drifting clouds’ and latest samples – as part of August Craft Month.

It’s interesting to see how far the project has come in the last 5 years – I suppose it would have to, however given that it’s all part-time and pretty much self motivated it’s really surprising how the quality of the surfaces has improved – much to do with much more sophisticated technology both in the make-up of the concrete and the design and manufacture of the textiles – However …. we have also left some really beautiful ideas behind as we have had to focus on limiting and perfecting certain technologies… one such idea was in one of the first ever blog posts … flocked pebble-dash

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TF premises!

In the lull of Christmas there is time to post up some images of our new premises – up until Oct 09 we worked in the corner of a university room but with the funding we gained though several sources in Sept we were able to afford to rent a space for a year to see how far this 4 year project will now run.

We are still buying equipment and setting up the space for production- that includes setting up new phones and wifi, ordering waste disposal (still not complete), buying 2nd hand shelving and having work surfaces made, setting up method to communicate with those who work on the project (since we are not always there on the same days) – and at the same time we are trialling new designs, making new mould formats and working on fixing and finishes.

Nothing seems to be going easily at the moment but we go to SURFACE design show in London in February so there is quite a bit to focus on before then. We have taken an innovation stand (ie small and cheap) at SURFACE and hope to use the few days there for market research and working out where potential customers are located. We have some ideas but the trade show will give us more credible information. – at least that’s the theory!

If you want to visit us at the show – just email us at and we will make sure there is cake and concrete set aside for you.

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New Website

Our New Website is now active – a few pages are still being worked on but its worth sharing even at this stage

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