Katie Thomas- A wee week with Tactility Factory!

11-13-2014_BLOG_PIC_01At the end of September Tactility Factory had great pleasure in  hosting Katie Thomas, surface design graduate and thinker/ maker from Wales/ London – @Catrainer

Below are Katie’s thoughts – apologies for posting rather late

It’s been a really wonderful and informative week at Tactility Factory. I’ve had the opportunity to gain first hand experience of a business that has deep roots in experimentation and material innovation which is right up my street.  It’s been particularly inspiring to be at Tactility Factory because they are not not only expanding on a commercial scale but continually developing their use of new materials, ideas and design. On a practical side, it was joyous being able to do a few pours with the team- rolling my sleeves up and mixing concrete to cast samples.  However, what has been even more of a learning curve is being set some research tasks, that aim to inform the ever- growing company. Everyone at Tactility Factory are truly lovely and open to my input, which can be a rare experience in the “Design” world so Thank You Very Much! I look forward to working with TF again soon!

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