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Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Surfaces: Tactility Factory’s Speciality

Concrete is a ubiquitous, low-tech material yet with some negative characteristics. It is often perceived as a harsh, unsustainable, ‘inhuman’ material with many technical and structural advantages but little emotional value.

Tactility Factory seeks to confront these issues – because concrete is a globally understood material with multiple applications.

TF seeks to apply textile techniques, technologies and most importantly ‘textile thinking’ to address these social and sustainable concerns and hence expand the potential of concrete by turning this cold, grey, acoustically harsh and unappealing substance to something that is warm, colourful, acoustically soft and appealing.

Concrete Surfaces: Textiles co-form concrete surfaces

It has taken Tactility Factory several years of research and development to identify and refine the correct constituent materials and technologies that can be used to combine textile and concrete manufacturing processes. The key technology of the resultant surfaces exists in the upper few millimetres, where the right concrete mix (varying to suit the textile construction and the pattern) and the textiles (specifically designed, developed and tested by Tactility Factory) come together to ‘co-form’ the concrete surfaces or form, what we call,  ‘Concrete Skins’ – see range of Tactility Factory’s Concrete Surfaces

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